Create Itinerary

With WaktuIN, you can create your itinerary detailed in a very short time. Clearly organise the schedule. Complete the itinerary while you lie down on the couch.

Create Itinenary

User-friendly itinerary design


Share you itineraries effortlessly

Get notification actively during your travel

No Hassle

Avoid multi platform hassle, do it all in our apps

Manage Expenses

With WaktuIn, you can document your travel expenses without frustration. Track where your money is spent most. Manage your expenses with 3 easy steps.

Upload your receipt

Upload your receipt

Simply review & edit data

Simply review & Edit Data

Categorize, save and share

Categorize, save and share


Set your budget per itinerary. Get Alarmed by notification when your expenses almost reach your budget. Measure your travelling efficiency.