These 5 Hotels Will Make You Go Dumbfounded

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Yunak Evleri Turkey

When you are planning a trip, usually you choose the hotel only based on the price and good review. Now, change your routines and look at these five hotels we will tell you. These five hotels surely will make you left hanging dumbfounded!     

1. Big Idaho Potato Hotel

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Big Idaho Potato Hotel
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What can be made from a potato? It can be made to be chips, French fries, curry, and more. Well, welcome to Big Idaho Potato Hotel. Before known as The Big Idaho Potato, now you can stay the nights inside it as well! Don’t worry, it’s not dusty like a real potato. Instead, it’s quite comfortable to stay inside this 6-ton potato!  

Address: Boise, ID 83716, United States

2. Yunak Evleri

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Yunak Evleri
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Stay the night at the caves never sounds as exciting as this place. Not like the scary and dark caves you see in the movies, Yunak Evleri is a 19th-century mansion that is carved into a mountain cliff. This cave hotel provides seven luxurious cave houses that feature 40 unique rooms. Not only great services such as personal spa and delicious meals, but you can also see the Ottoman’s antiques from its interior, patio, and marble tiles.          

Address: Musaefendi, Balcı Sk., 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Turkey

3. Ballygally Castle

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Ballygally Castle
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Ballygally Castle is not your usual hotel. It is a haunted hotel. If you think you are a scaredy-cat, then just take a step back. There is a saying that Lady Isobel Shaw haunted this 17th-century castle. She died after falling out of a tower window and reportedly roams the hotel’s hall. Be careful when you hear a knocking on your door, it might be Lady Isobel Shaw!   

Address: Coast Rd, Ballygalley, Larne BT40 2QZ, United Kingdom

4. Manta Resort

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Manta Resort
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Escape from your busy life and take a break at Manta Resort. Manta Resort is a unique resort where you can experience the underwater room. There many things to do at Manta Resort. You can go snorkeling around your resort, watching sunset or star gazing from the top deck, and watching the fishes swimming around freely from your bedroom. Don’t forget to turn on the spotlights underneath the bedroom window to attract fishes and octopuses!

Address: Psv-zanzibar estate, Tanzania

5. Hobbit House – The Shire of Montana

5 Hotels Will Make You Dumbfounded - Hobbit House
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Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful films in history, and you cannot ignore the iconic character that is called Hobbit. There are many famous Hobbit characters such as Gollum and Gandalf, and to be able to live in their house is so exciting! You can see their small furniture and the low ceiling!  

Address: 9 Hobbit Lane, Trout Creek, MT 59874, United States

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