Say Bye To Overpack, Read This Tips To Packing Light!

Packing Light Tips

Where are you going? London, New York, or Tokyo? Well, wherever you go, one thing you cannot leave out is travel packing. Packing can be such a hassle, and travelers tend to overpack. Come on, you should having fun visiting Buckingham Palace or Tokyo Tower instead of managing your heavy-load bag. We will give you packing light tips for travel!   

1. Start with a small bag.

Packing light tips - Start with a small bag or suitcase
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By using a small bag that means you already reduce the number of things you’ll bring. You’ll only bring the important things and cut down the temptation to add more things to your bag. Then you should decide whether to use a backpack or suitcase. A backpack is more suitable when you go somewhere that requires you to walking a lot, hiking or ride public transportation. And the suitcase is a good choice for a stationary holiday in a resort.

2. Packing list.

Use a packing list will determine what you really need and what you should drop. Stick to your packing list and only bring the must-have travel items.

3. Pack for one week.

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If you are traveling for two weeks, a month, or even longer, squeeze your packing list for a week trip. It’s impossible to pack based on how long you will go. Instead of bringing lots of clothes, do laundry by yourself. You can go to the nearest laundry shop or use the laundry service at your hotel. Also, remember there are convenience stores everywhere in the world. You can buy your daily necessities such as tissue or toothpaste there.

4. Everyday clothes.

Looking at pretty dress, a cute blouse, and so on make you want to put it in your bag. But we recommend you not to bring them. You should be comfortable while going on a trip and your every-day clothes are the best answer. Not only you’ll feel comfortable throughout the trip, you reduce the amount of your packing as well. And to look good on the camera, maybe you can pick colorful clothes or the one that good to mix and match.    

5. Rolling the clothes.

Packing Light Tips - Roll the clothes
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Roll your clothes will save lots of space in your bag. There will be fewer creases on your clothes and easier to pick them up from your bag. A frequent traveler or mountaineer is familiar with this tip.  

6. Invest in wool fabric.

If you travel a lot, maybe you should consider investing in wool fabrics. Wool can be expensive, but it’s perfect for frequent travelers. Wool provides warmth in winter and keeps you cool in summer. Moreover, wool can stay warm even when wet and dries much faster than cotton. Oh, and one more, wool is less stinky even though you used it for days rather than other fabrics.

7. Bring versatile items.

Pack versatile items that will be useful to you all the time. It’s a waste to pack items for one-time use. Bring something like multifunctional headwear that can turn into a bandana, sweatband, or sleeping mask.   

8. Use packing cubes.

Packing Light Tips - Packing Cubes
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Packing cubes can save a lot of space in your bag. It makes your things such as socks, underwear, or clothes be more organized. Usually packing cubes have little windows that let you see what’s inside them.  

9. Save a quarter of your bag empty.

By save a quarter of your bag empty, you make your bag much lighter. And the process of loading and unloading things will be much easier. Also, you can store items like souvenirs there.

Finally, you can travel without an overpack! Be able to pack light is needed for a traveler. The same goes for the itinerary. You need an itinerary to make your trip effective. Don’t worry, lots of amusing itineraries is available in our app, WaktuIn. We put some good tips and important detailed info for you. You can just copy and edit it as your preference. Do more with WaktuIn! From setting up your travel budget, track the expenses, shared trip with other travelers, and have a group chat. Download WaktuIn for Android user here or iOS here.