Do You Have to Cancel Your Trip? Reasons Why You Just Need to Postpone It

Reasons Why You Just Need to Postpone It

Instead of canceling your trip, maybe you just need to postpone it. Currently, we go through a difficult situation because of the coronavirus pandemic, but don’t be panic and reckless. Calm down, and think thoroughly about it again,

“Wait patiently and instead cancel, just change the date of your travel plans.”

Yep! We still don’t know when the pandemic will come to an end, but you can try to change the date to the furthest date. Many travel agencies loosen their booking policies during this time. They allow the traveler to later this year, even in some cases, into 2021. Hotels and tourism spots also do that as well. So, if you already booked a ticket, it’s alright to ask if you can defer it or not.

Moreover, many flights and travel agencies give a discount or promo to encourage people to travel around. Don’t waste this chance. Take the offer and ask if you can postpone it. It’ll be great if you can postpone it. What’s greater rather than able to save up your money for traveling?  

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Not only save yourself from the hassle to make travel plans again, but you also give a little hope for people who work in tourism. Because of the pandemic, many cancel their trip and booking abruptly. People who rely on tourism, such as souvenir seller or travel guide, lost their job in a sudden. Those people were the ones whom you met and talked to in your journey. Try to put yourself in their shoes. If you can imagine how they feel, then postpone your travel is the least and kindest thing you can do now.

We are all in this pandemic together. Keep calm and stay healthy is our priority right now. Let’s hope for the best that coronavirus pandemic will over as soon as possible. Afterward, you can continue your traveling with our app, WaktuIn. You can copy and edit from our itineraries, set the travel budget, track your expenses, shared trip with your friends, and have a group chat! Download WaktuIn for Android user here or iOS here.