Here Are Handy Tips to Avoid Getting Scams

Here’re Handy Tips to Avoid Getting Scams

What is the purpose of traveling? Of course, we want to get a good time for ourselves between this hectic busy life. We want to be healed or be inspired after going on a trip. Sadly, things didn’t always go as you wish. There must be one or two things that make you upset about your trip. For example, scams. 

The scam is a real problem for the traveler, no matter where you are. Either you are in Europe, America, or Asia, there’ll be scams. Forget about those scammers, now we will tell you handy tips to avoid scams while traveling! Let’s go!    

1. Research.

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Not only research about your destinations detail information, but you also need to research common scams in your destinations. By doing this step, at least you already identify the scams pattern at your destination, and you can be more careful.   

2. Always Be Cautious of Strangers.
When you are traveling, that means you are in a new territorial place, which is so so unfamiliar. You don’t know their culture or even their language. Thus, some bad people try to take advantage of this situation and pull those fishy scams on you. Always be cautious when suddenly stranger help you out of nowhere or driver that said your hotel is overbooked. The best way is to go check the truth by yourself.  

3. Know the Details.
Know the details information about your destination such as entrance fee or opening hours. If a stranger abruptly appears in front of you said that your destination is closed, don’t believe it. Those scammers intentionally said that to you, so you cancel your visit, then they will invite you to other places to pay a pricey entrance fee or buy something.    

4. Count the Prices by Yourself.

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It’s important to know how much you spent your money, but what’s more important is you should know what you spent on and how much per each it is. Some sellers purposely make the total price higher than the actual price, so don’t hesitate to ask the price per piece and calculate it by yourself.    

5. Protect Your Wallet, Credit Card, ID, or Passport.

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By protecting it means to never hand over your wallet, credit card, ID, or passport to anyone. Even though it’s a police officer, don’t hand it easily. Some scammers disguised as a police officer and try to make you as if you are a criminal. How to avoid scammers like this is you can ask them to show you their identification and then said you’ll call the police to confirm who they are. Or just say your passport is locked up in the hotel, so they’ll need to accompany you to your hotel. If they get away after you said that, it’s positive they are scammers.    

6. Don’t Use Any Free WiFi Carelessly.

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When people in a new place, they are eager to connect their smartphone to WiFi as soon as possible. Maybe it’s for communicating, research their destination, etc. But please be careful. Don’t connect your smartphone to any free WiFi carelessly, especially the one with no password. Most likely it’s Fake WiFi Hubs. Through Fake WiFi Hubs, the hacker can access your personal data such as passwords, online accounts, and more. It’s better to use the hotel’s WiFi or mobile data.   

7. Take A Photo of Your Rental Car/Bike.
It’s optional, but when you rent a car or a bike, it’s better to take the photos first before you use it. Some people try to charge tourists higher than the actual price, with the reason the vehicle is returned in a damaged state.     

8. Trust Your Guts.

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The most important thing for the traveler is to trust your guts. Human is blessed with the capacity to differentiate when we should run away or when you should face it bravely. This is including the ability to tell the bad intention of scammers. Your guts will tell you when to trust someone and not. 

Those are the handy tips for you to avoid scams while traveling! After you read it, we believe you are ready to go now! When you are looking for interesting itineraries with detailed information such as entrance fees, opening hours, good tips, and more, you can find it at our app, WaktuIn. You can just copy and edit it as your preference. Do more with WaktuIn! From setting up your travel budget, track the expenses, shared trip with other travelers, and have a group chat. Download WaktuIn for Android user here or iOS here.