Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip!

Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip

We all know that jet lag means a temporary sleep problem for those who travel across multiple time zones. It is called ‘temporary’ problem but the effect of jet lag is not that ‘temporary’. Some of the jet lag symptoms are daytime exhaustion, loss of appetite, even gastrointestinal problems. Some people feel a severe jet lag that they want to avoid flying as much as possible. That’s how horrible jet lag is.

Jet lag can reduce the joy of your trip, and you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, we provide you tips to avoid jet lag!

Exercise before your flight.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip - Exercise
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Some people are not that diligent to exercise in daily life, but at least try to sweat off a little bit before your flight. It is proved scientifically that exercise can improve the quality of your sleep and keep your body healthy.  

Arrive early.

If you have an important meeting or business, then it’s better to arrive a couple of days ahead before the appointment’s time. Let your body adjust to your destination’s time. 

Keep hydrated.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip - Drink Plenty of Water
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One of the most effective ways to avoid jet lag is to keep hydrated. The best way to hydrate is to drink plenty of water during your flight. It’ll be better if you drink warm water. Warm water can make your body relax. Avoid alcohol, soda, caffeine, cold water, and fatty food. Avoid dehydrating beverages such as alcohol, soda, caffeine, and cold water. 

Fatty food increases the gas in your body and will make your flight uncomfortable. You can replace fatty food with healthy snacks like fruit, snacks gluten-free nut blends, and more!      

Set your watch to your destination’s time.

Set your watch or phone’s time to your destination’s time. This little act will help you to adjust to the new time zone. By looking at your new time zone, you can control when you should sleep and when you should stay awake. Sleep only when it’s nighttime at your destination. Try to resist the urge to sleep, even if it means you have to stay awake during nighttime at flight because you should adjust your body to your destination’s time.

Move during flight.

Keep moving during your flight. Even if it’s just walking around your cabin, it’s okay. With moving your body, that means you keep your blood flowing throughout your body and get oxygen to your brain. Not only jet lag, but this step also helps you to cure the sickness due to sitting for too long. Get up from your seat and do a little exercise every 30 minutes should be enough.

Take vitamin B and C.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip - Take Vitamin C and B
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If you think jet lag is caused by different time zones, you need to know that viruses and bacteria can be the reason for jet lag sickness. Therefore, take vitamins C and B can help you to prevent jet lag. Vitamins B and C are known as the best supplement to take during flight. If you are not a fan of supplements, you can drink juice that contains vitamin C and B like orange juice or mango juice. Boost your immune and stay hydrated!       

Take your time happily.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Annoy Your Trip - Relax
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Not only your body’s conditions, but your mental state can also be the reason for jet lag. During the flight, do anything that makes your body and mental relax such as sleep, listening to music, watching movies, etc. Try to enjoy your flight as much as possible. Especially if you take a long-haul flight, try to entertain yourself by walking to the nearest attractions and so on. Don’t be rushed or feel pressured. Just take your time happily.     

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