Are You Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This? We Got Some Tricks & Tips For You!

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This

Scrolling through daring photos on your Instagram, you can’t help but say wow. Those photos look dangerous yet stunning at the same time. You love traveling and photography, but your photos never satisfy your desire. Well, don’t worry, we will share some tips and tricks to make your own daring photos!    

1. Make a thorough plan.

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This - Make a thorough plan
Pict from Instagram by @backpackdiariez

To take daring photos is not based on luck or destiny. In fact, it needs a lot of preparations. You should figure out where to take the photos and the right time for the photoshoot. Think whether your photos will need strong sunlight or illumination from the moonlight. And prepare safety stuff you need such as mattress and more. To take daring photos you have to make sure you are safe.  

2. Pick the right lens and the poses.

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This - Pick the right lens
Pict from Instagram by @backpackdiariez

Don’t forget to prepare the right lens and the poses. If you want to capture the background behind you as well, you’ll need a wider angle lens. Adjust your lens with your needs. Also, prepare several poses beforehand. Then, try to think about the angle and the way the photo is taken. Playing with the angle, because it is the key to making your photos look dangerous!            

3. Practice the poses ahead.

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This - Practice the poses ahead
Pict from Instagram by @backpackdiariez

Practice the poses in a safe spot before the actual time of photoshoot. This is important to make you familiar and nail the daring poses later!   

4. Don’t be discouraged by bad conditions.

Restoration or bad weather is a thing you cannot expect while traveling. Thus, don’t be discouraged. It’s normal. Many couples go back for the second time to take their photos. Don’t worry, you can see the result of your patience through your photos later.

5. Avoid crowds.

Avoid crowds to take advantage of the background. What makes the photos look more stunning? Yes, it is the background. The background itself is able to give a natural effect to your photos. The fewer people means the more beautiful your photo it is.   

6. Do not put yourself in a life-threatening situation.

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This - Do not put yourself in a life-threatening situation
Pict from Instagram by @backpackdiariez

Sometimes to take daring photos to require to put yourself in a life-risk situation such as cliffs mountains, high walls, etc. The only one who knows the limit to the danger itself is you. So, if you think you are safe enough and able to take the daring photos at some dangerous place then take it. But if you think it’s too dangerous then take a step back.    

7. Use natural light.

Use natural light for the best result of your photos. Same like background, natural light will give a natural ambiance to your photos. Avoid using flash as much as possible.

8. Be patient and keep practice.

Brave Enough to Take Photos Like This - Be patient and keep practice.
Pict from Instagram by @backpackdiariez

The key to produce those stunning photos: be patient and keep practice to take daring photos. It takes a lot of time and preparations, but the fruit of your hard work will come out beautifully.

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