10 Remarkable European Idiomatic Expressions, Bet You Have Never Heard of It!

10 Remarkable European Idiomatic Expression - Greek

The idiom is such an interesting thing because it can be interpreted in many ways. We are already familiar with idioms such as see the light, a dirty look, a piece of cake, and more. Guess what, European has unique idioms that will make you bewildered and think ‘What is this?’ Check this out, 10 remarkable European idiomatic expressions! 

1. English: “He is hairy at the heel.”

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This idiom is commonly used in English. The expression hairy on the heel used when you want to say someone is untrustworthy or even dangerous.

2. Greek: “You are going to eat wood.”

No, you are not going to eat the real woods. Instead, it means you are going to be beaten up. So be careful when you heard someone say this idiom to you in Greece!

3. Swedish: “Sliding in on a shrimp sandwich.”

It refers to someone who didn’t have to work to get where they are. Do you get where this idiom comes from now?       

4. Latvian: “To blow little ducks.”

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Another way to say when you see someone’s talking nonsense or lying in Latvian.  

5. German: “I only understand the train station.”  

You don’t need to ask about the direction to hear this in German. When German said this idiom, it means they have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Explain more or just change the topic completely.  

6. Irish: “Don’t keep your tongue under your belt.”

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This idiom encourages you to say what you truly feel. Do not be afraid to speak!  

7. French: “To jump from the cock to the donkey.”

When you hear a Frenchman say this, it means the person he talking with keeps changing the topic without logic in a conversation.  

8. Portuguese: “He swallows frogs.”

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Swallow frogs can be hurtful, but in Portuguese, it refers to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation without complaining.   

9. Russian: “You can sharpen with an ax on top of this head.”

Say this when you meet someone who is really stubborn. So stubborn until you can even sharpen your thing with an ax on top of his head!  

10. Polish: “Think of the blue almonds.”

10 Remarkable European Idiomatic Expressions - Polish.png
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Don’t say “I am daydreaming.” anymore. It’s not special. In Polish, they describe daydream with “Think of the blue almonds” Unique, but the question is, why blue almonds?

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