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    Posted on 19 Feb 2020

    Undoubtedly, a camera is an essential thing for a traveler. To capture beautiful and rare moments. To reminiscence our journey. To make the memories last longer. Just from one picture, it can make you smile, laugh, or even cry. So the final conclusion: the camera is important.

    Posted on 18 Feb 2020

    Maybe some of you haven’t heard of it, but it has been decided that Indonesia will move its capital city. The capital city will move from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, to be exact at Kutai and Penajam Panser. Of course, this project attracts people to explore Kalimantan. 

    Posted on 18 Feb 2020

    Remember the infamous song from Parasite? The lyrics are like this, “Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago.” Thus, Jessica Song became a big hit, and everyone on social media goes crazy about it. Well, that’s only one from many of the best scenes in Parasite. On February 9, 2020, Parasite successfully sweep-off the awards, even The Best Picture Award! Parasite is marked as the first Korean movie to win Oscar.