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    Posted on 21 Feb 2020

    Normally, we associate the word flame with red. We do often see the sentence red flames. But, have you ever considered the blue flame? It does exist, and there are only two places in the world that has it, Iceland and Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater), Indonesia. At Ijen Crater, this natural phenomenon happens when Sulphur gases mixed with mount lava, then makes the effect of blue flame on the surface.

    Posted on 20 Feb 2020

    Some people said when you have a baby that means your journey is over. You cannot go everywhere because you are busy to babysit. Well, it’s not relevant anymore. These days, people start to bring their baby while traveling. Some of the cause is to make beautiful memories with their baby and to keep their journey go on. If you begin to contemplate about bring your baby to traveling or not, we have useful tips for you!     

    Posted on 20 Feb 2020

    Climate change is real. Our earth is facing danger. United Nations Climate Change Annual Report 2019 said that 2019 was the ‘hottest’ year in the past five years. We should do the real action to save our earth from now on. Even if it’s only a small step like turn off the lamps at the daylight, it’ll really impact our earth. Nowadays, the number of people who starts to be conscious of our environment is increasing every year.