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    Posted on 28 Feb 2020

    We all know that jet lag means a temporary sleep problem for those who travel across multiple time zones. It is called ‘temporary’ problem but the effect of jet lag is not that ‘temporary’. Some of the jet lag symptoms are daytime exhaustion, loss of appetite, even gastrointestinal problems. Some people feel a severe jet lag that they want to avoid flying as much as possible. That’s how horrible jet lag is.

    Posted on 27 Feb 2020

    When you are planning a trip, usually you choose the hotel only based on the price and good review. Now, change your routines and look at these five hotels we will tell you. These five hotels surely will make you left hanging dumbfounded!     

    1. Big Idaho Potato Hotel

    Posted on 27 Feb 2020

    Where are you going? London, New York, or Tokyo? Well, wherever you go, one thing you cannot leave out is travel packing. Packing can be such a hassle, and travelers tend to overpack. Come on, you should having fun visiting Buckingham Palace or Tokyo Tower instead of managing your heavy-load bag. We will give you packing light tips for travel!   

    1. Start with a small bag.