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    Posted on 09 Mar 2020

    A long-haul flight is no joke. Things can go wrong during that time, from the feel of boredom to the dizziness or even fainting. But if you are a real traveler, a long-haul flight is unavoidable. Therefore, we will give some tips about what should you prepare and do during a long-haul flight. Let’s travel happily!      

    1. Choose your seat wisely.

    Posted on 06 Mar 2020

    It’s common to see local’s desserts at your trip destination. Each country has a certain dessert that you cannot find elsewhere. Even though it’s the same sweet flavor you know, but somehow there is a certain aftertaste. It’s so special that it makes dessert as one of the things you should try while going on a trip. Therefore, we make a list of the seven best desserts you should eat on your next trip! Go check it out!       

    Posted on 05 Mar 2020

    Nowadays, travel has developed into something ordinary. This happens because travel is not something extravagant anymore. Traveling has become a new lifestyle, and people traveling in order to relieve stress or to discover new sides of this world. With that being said, people start to make their own travel plan. They are lookup on the internet to search about famous attractions, flights schedule, recommended hotels, the average cost to go there, and so on.