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    Posted on 17 Mar 2020

    Sad news, travelers. Due to coronavirus pandemic, many countries released travel restrictions to prevent coronavirus spreads even more. It may ruin your travel plan, but health comes first. So don’t be sad and keep being healthy in these times. Well, which countries have travel bans?  


    1. U.S

    Posted on 13 Mar 2020

    World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic as of March 11, 2020. A pandemic is defined as the state when the disease spread globally at the same time. Unfortunately, coronavirus affected many ways includes tourism. Many sites or attractions are closed due to coronavirus. Check the list here!

    Posted on 11 Mar 2020

    It’s the truth that traveling can cost you a lot. Unless you are born from a really wealthy family, it looks impossible to keep traveling without saving your money beforehand. Moreover, seems like your saving money for years is disappeared only for visiting one-two places.